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Faith & Fundraising Forum 2023
Wednesday, August 2

This day-long event is designed to bring together faith-based fundraisers to learn from each other, share experiences, and work together to address the biggest challenges facing our missions.

We are excited to be able to offer this alongside the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference. The Faith & Fundraising Forum will be the day for the faith community to gather and connect around our specific concerns. We will then continue into The Bridge Conference, well-known as the ultimate learning environment for fundraisers with 80+ of the best strategic and tactical presentations in the industry, including a faith-based track of sessions. Faith-based participants, as all Bridge participants, will have the option to join that track or to mix those sessions with any of the other 12 tracks offered.

This Forum is organized by Catholic Development Council of The Nonprofit Alliance. While organized with particular attention to challenges and opportunities for the Catholic and Christian community, we welcome faith-based fundraisers from all denominations and faiths. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to VP Programs, Abby Graf at

Catholic Mass will be offered daily.

Why Attend the Faith & Fundraising Forum?

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Who Should Attend The Faith & Fundraising Forum?

Who? Fundraising Professionals, Nonprofit Leadership, as well as consultants, agencies, and professionals who work within the faith sector, including… Faith-Based Direct Response Fundraisers, Major Gift Officers, Annual Giving-Development Directors & Staff, Planned Giving Officers, Membership Staff, and those who are the only fundraiser on staff and wear ALL of those hats at once.

From what organizations? All Faith-based fundraisers and marketers are welcome. Attendees will come from Religious Orders, Churches, Archdioceses, and nonprofit organizations working in the name of faith. Attendees will come from across the spectrum of size: some from large, international organizations and others from smaller (but still mighty!) teams.

The Forum Program Includes

The faith-based focus will continue with a Faith-Based Fundraising track throughout the Bridge Conference August 3-4. Faith-participants, as all Bridge participants, will have the option to join sessions from that track or to mix with the excellent sessions from any of the 12 other fundraising tracks.

The Faith & Fundraising Forum Planning Committee

To register for the Faith & Fundraising Forum, please click here select member/non-member then "Faith & Fundraising + Bridge"